Ignornance is not bliss

I am a woman who find other women worried and men worried about their small circle of their domain.  They are not aware that people come from Trinidad, Haiti and Africa to study and work here in the United States.. go back home…  live in homes that are paid for and never pay taxes on that home.  Their electric bills ar e only $5.00 to $10.00 a month and they live very well. When they came here they did not know how poor people were and that we have homeless.  We work 2 jobs, both parents work and never enjoy their family.  They are shocked and have expressed to me that they are only shown how the rich live in the United States of America.  I am completely sick about my fellow country men and women paying taxes, and the money going to other countries.  People have lost their homes due to foreclosure, have had to start from the ground up (as we say) and knowing that our jobs have been sent to other countries.


                                                                                      AND THou EY ULTRA RICH

                                                                                   SHAME WREAKS THROUGH MY VEINS DUE TO YOUR POCKETS BEING SO FULL

it is our fault……   But if we stopped paying taxes would not that upset the over-loaded apple cart you have made of these poor people who toil so hard.  No one is aware of this but through the years of talking to people from other countries and seeing how they have used our system only to go home and live like kings.  Something has to be done about everything.  You use smoke and mirrors to divert attention elsewhere.  There is no need for our government to shut down. Stop buy suits made of silk, stop eating overpriced lunches, show how the poor live, I mean the poor white trash as you call them and the poor afro-americans……..  all colors, religion and creeds. Stop crying prejudice everyone for the person living next to you are in the same situation.

          I had a news program on and the lady at my house was more worried about the news women’s teeth than the content of her story.  I looked at the bigot and said: “Do you realize this woman has been up all night at the Pentagon trying to update all of the nation and you sit there and have the audacity to worry about her looks.  People have got to change.  Most of the citizens are too weak to even watch blood on the streets while other countries are living with split blood every day.  WAKE UP …….


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